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About IDC Insights Awards

The IDC Insights Awards is a forum specially designed for today’s CIOs and IT leaders as a platform for open networking with peers and technology partners, immersive content by IDC India and WW thought leaders; and most importantly, to acknowledge and applaud the transformative initiatives that organizations have undertaken towards accelerating success. Industries today are being disrupted! Enterprises are realizing that exploratory innovation cannot serve to either challenge, or orchestrate sustained disruption. Innovation through emerging technologies will be the leading driver of value and change over the next decade and beyond. IDC finds that 89% of enterprises currently consider DX a major business priority. However across India, we find various levels of maturity among organizations that have embarked on a digital transformation journey. In fact, a recent IDC study has even shown that 59% of businesses have become stuck, with no way to turn back and unable to advance. Organizations are now trying too hard to thrive in this New Changing world – with INNOVATION as the key driver. IDC Insights Awards Summit 2019, will be an exclusive forum to discuss the success factors that organizations will need to create in order to come out of such Digital Deadbolts, under the Umbrella title: “The Platform Revolutions: The Era of Automation”.

The Platform Revolutions: The Era of Automation
IDC Insights Awards Theme 2019

As we enter the era of automation, data and insights are coming together to change the way businesses operate like never before. Across sectors, organizations are realizing that for sustainable scale, experience and agility – platforms will be imperative. Organizations realize that their abilities to enable personalization, context, experience, trust and sustained innovation will depend largely on the scale and automation that platforms promise!

The overreaching conclusion is that the keys to success lies in Scale and Automation – and this can only be delivered by PLATFORMS – that intelligent core which connects a multitude of aspects of business transformation (internal and external). The journey to platforms, however, is one that is fraught with many challenges – and adopting an integrated approach across the wide swathe of assets – hardware, software and services and the investments thereof.

Infrastructure – do you have the right infrastructure to scale?
41% of Manufacturers in APeJ do not and consider it an inhibitor to growth!

Cloud – are you using cloud in the right areas?
Cloud spending by retailers will grow 4X by 2022

Security – are all your data and systems secure?
27% of Healthcare organizations have ranked Patient Privacy/ Patient Data Security as their top investment for 2019

Artificial Intelligence – how are you embracing AI across your organizations?
28% of APeJ utility companies are investing in AI in 2019

Scaling through Platforms will define the next wave of DX maturity! How then should enterprises scale to the Future Enterprise – where Platforms define Scale, Speed, Trust and Intelligence

The time for accelerating towards Digital Determination is NOW.

Enterprises around the world are making significant investments in the technologies and services that enable the digital transformation (DX) of their business models, products and services, and organizations.

To be digitally determined, organizations require a ‘Blueprint’ that consists of a unified enterprise strategy, a long-term investment plan based on the principle that digital is inherently valuable to the business, and a single digital platform to scale technology innovations.

Digital acceleration driven by Automation, requires an “intelligent core” that will assimilate and integrate a myriad of digital and physical assets to create connectedness.

Scale, Speed and Intelligence will be defined by infrastructure and data, seamlessly coming together to enable holistic intelligence driven experience, trust and value.

A viable platform revolution is a key table stake in successful enterprise DX; and IT will not succeed at enterprise-wide DX without total rationalization of infrastructure, apps, and data.

Why Attend?

IDC Insights Awards is a forum specially designed for today’s CIOs and IT leaders as a platform for open networking with peers and recognizing the transformative initiatives that organizations have undertaken towards accelerating success. The summit brings together immersive content by IDC India and Worldwide thought leaders; panel discussions, fireside chat and IDC’s innovators program providing an enriching experience to the attendees to exchange ideas and gain insights.

Breaking down Insights

Leverage Insights from IDC industry experts across domains to set priorities for your digital transformation strategy relevant to your business goals

Network and Engage

Network with over 85+ C-level delegates sharing how their organization is embracing emerging technologies in the changing tech landscape

Thought-provoking Discussion

Breakout sessions focused on pressing topics for IT Leaders to facilitate the future DX roadmap

Celebrate Excellence

Gala Dinner and Awards Ceremony recognizing IT leaders who have steered their pioneering technology initiatives

Peer-to-Peer Dialogue

1 on 1 closed door business meetings with ICT decision makers who are driving digital journey in their sector

Experience Innovation

Explore pioneering technology and platforms in real-time at IDC’s Innovation Zone

Awards Categories

IDC Insights Awards recognizes the achievement of CIOs and IT leaders from India for their zeal to lead their organizations in the digital economy with groundbreaking digital transformation initiatives. Awards for this year will be given out for three categories – Excellence in Omni-Experience, Excellence in Operations and Excellence in Data Intelligence. All the entries will be reviewed by an esteemed jury panel of a multidisciplinary team comprising global IDC executive leadership, senior industry research leaders and domain experts. Nominations can be submitted online by clicking on the button below. Last day to send in the nominations is October 30, 2019

Excellence in Omni-Experience

This award recognizes a technology program or project which enabled discernible and measurable excellence in driving enhanced experience using a multitude of integrated channels; across the business ecosystem of customers, partners, employees and/or other stakeholders.

Excellence in Operations

As an awardee of Excellence in Operations technology program or project is recognized, which had a sustainable and measurable improvement in key business performance metrics via innovation and or transformation, e.g. process in operational efficiency or enhancement in employee productivity or direct benefit in time to market via the ecosystem of partners and suppliers.

Excellence in Data Intelligence

If your technology program or project has leveraged previously unused or nonquantifiable data resulting in intelligence and impact to business by way of revenue, cost or experience, you can send in your nomination for the category Excellence in Data Intelligence. Typical example are penetration growth via data led insights or creation of new product innovation etc. as a result of data discovery, management & intelligence.

IDC Insights Awards Speakers
Sandra Ng
Group Vice President, Practice Group, IDC Asia/Pacific
Eva Au
Managing Director, IDC Asia/Pacific
Dr. Christopher Holmes
Managing Director, IDC Insights Asia/Pacific
Rishu Sharma
Principal Analyst, Cloud & AI, IDC India
IDC Insights Awards 2019 Agenda
What you'll hear from the Experts on 6th December 2019

The Platform Revolution & The Era of Automation: The Rise of the Future Enterprise

As we enter the era of platforms and start the journey to automation, organisations need to ensure they have a strategy in place, as they strive to become a future enterprise. This session will explore the road to platformication, and how it is essential in the drive to become a future enterprise. It will explore the progression of platform adoption across industries, and how the case for moving to a platform results in business performance gain for the enterprise. It will also explore regional industry progression to the future enterprise.

Managing the Digital Age – An Industry Ecosystems

A panel discussion that brings together CEOs from various organizations to discuss how traditional means of doing business are changing. The panel will dive deeper to look how organizations are either reacting to the changing tech trends or are setting the trend themselves. The panel will also explore how leaders are changing the way they see their organization, how value is defined and delivered, and how operations are changing to support this new way of working.

Artificial intelligence, analytics and machine learning… all is powered by data. As data becomes the common denominator, organizations need to be able to leverage it for making insightful real-time decisions. How do we ensure right level of oversight, while ensuring innovation? How do we deal with the ethics? How do we differentiate between the good data and the noise? Only by understanding the pillars to a successful data strategy, can we hope to empower a future of trusted AI.

The New Agenda: Preparing for the Future Enterprise

In this closing keynote, Sandra Ng will share CEO’s new agenda for the Future Enterprise along with IDC predictions, a directional roadmap that will impact how you leverage technologies to drive your organizations forward and thrive in the industries you compete in.

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